Milo is a diagnostic tool for monitoring, tracking and responding to stress levels in special needs children—particularly in classrooms. Many children with unique conditions cannot articulate their needs or fears. With this information, parents can hope to identify and manage the issues their child faces every day. Stress intervention includes a breathing exercise, usable across all linked devices, from child, to teacher, to parent. A child’s stress data is visualized and is displayed within the child’s daily schedule, allowing parents or teachers to better understand times of stress.



The process began with research into the various ways in which children with special needs behave in school. What we found when talking with both guardians and teachers is that many programs for these children are severely underfunded, and are increasingly being shut down entirely, leaving many kids to fend for themselves among students and instructors who simply don't understand their condition.

To combat this, we began to see the guardian, teacher and student as a team, and worked to increase the flow of communication wherever possible throughout the child's day.


Stress levels are overlaid across the child's schedule to pinpoint key times of stress during the day. The schedule is also coded by color and symbol, providing structure that is consistent across every device.


Breathing exercises trigger automatically during time of high feedback, offering stress intervention for children when they need a lifeline.


Communication can happen through text or icon, making it easier for kids who have trouble finding the right words. Badges can also be earned by children who meet the goals set by their guardian or instructor.